Artist’s studio

Copropriété - Condominium, Paris 14ème


    historic monument



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    GMDP Architecture

    project management mission

    Mission complète compris diagnostic et OPC


    300 m²

    cost of the works

    € 1 M excl. VAT

    A number of well-known artists have established their studios here in this small artists’ estate that, like many others in the district, was built using materials recuperated from the pavilions forming part of the Paris 1889 Paris World Fair.
    While the buildings are not protected as Historic Monuments or as places of memory, the specificity of this typically “Montparnasse” Parisian district has been identified by the local Urban Development Plan as a group of buildings subject to specific provisions, with a green space and an existing volumetry to be conserved.
    The project fits into this approach through the application of a rigorous restoration, a rehabilitation and an upgrading of technical and comfort standards for this studio-house being used as a principal residence by the new owners. As art collectors, they are able to use it to present their paintings in the best possible conditions.
    The deteriorated structure of the house, resulting from the adaptation of the original construction that incorporated some particularly heterogeneous adjustments, called for the creation of a contemporary structure slid into the building to support the new framework.
    Considerable work was needed on the glazed roofs to retain the slenderness of the metal frames while also meeting thermal requirements.