Avrillé, Maine et Loire (49)


    Historic monument


    Ville d’Avrillé

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    GMDP Architecture

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    Complete mission including diagnosis and OPC


    3,000 m²

    cost of the works

    € 6 M excl. VAT

    The Château de la Perrière in Avrillé was built in the 17th century over substructures dating back to the 15th century. It’s four main buildings, perpendicular to one another where they give onto the main courtyard and set out in a horseshoe shape where they overlook the inner courtyard, include an orangery, a chapel and two pavilions that give onto a vast terraced park.
    Despite having remained without any upkeep for many years, the château has thankfully been able to conserve and restore all of the interior decors in the lounges, particularly the wall hangings and original wallpapers.
    Following its acquisition by the Avrillé local authorities, the estate was given a new use with the incorporation of a golf course in the park. Part of the building is now used to house the golf club-house.
    The large ground floor lounges have been placed in the hands of a renowned restorer and the 1st floor is now occupied by conference rooms.
    A new wing has been built to install the restaurant kitchens and the serveries for the two large Orangery rooms which will be used for receptions. These works have been accompanied by the creation of new gardens and a hotel programme is currently being studied.