Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, Maine et Loire (49)


    Listed as a historic monument


    Région Pays de Loire

    project management

    GMDP Architecture


    4,200 m²

    cost of the works

    € 14 M excl. VAT

    This project saw GMDP Architecture being awarded the European Hotel Design Award 2014 prize in the Architecture Re-use category.
    The Fontevraud royal abbey, founded in the early 12th century and a necropolis for English kings under the Plantagenet dynasty, includes the Grand-Moûtier cloister as well as the abbey church, the Saint-Benoît infirmaries and the Saint-Lazare priory. The priory has always been a place of welcome and accommodation. Initially the abbey’s leprosarium and leper-house, it then became a nursing home for nuns during its seven centuries of monastic existence. After the French Revolution and Napoleon’s transformation of the abbey into a penitentiary, the priory became an infirmary and then the prison’s hospital. In 1963, the Ministry of Culture began working on the restoration of the buildings listed as “Historical Monuments”. The operation consisted in restoring, restructuring and transforming the Saint-Lazare priory into a 4-star hotel offering 55 bedrooms and family suites. The Liban building has been restored and its use integrated into the new hotel. A kitchen in the form of an integrated contemporary extension has been created for the hotel’s gourmet restaurant. As in all listed historical monuments, contemporary functional, regulatory and technical requirements, particularly those concerning the accessibility of all bedrooms to the disabled, had to be introduced. Environmental objectives were met with the upstream design and installation of a new sustainable energy platform. These elements fully respect the monument and ensure the reversibility of the measures now being taken.
    The design line, furniture and mobile lighting systems were placed in the hands of the Jouin Manku agency.