Angers, Maine et Loire (49)


    historic monument


    Ville d’Angers

    project management

    GMDP Architecture


    12,000 m²

    cost of the works

    € 32 M excl. VAT

    Created in 1796, the Fine Arts Museum in Angers is installed in the Barrault mansion which was built at the end of the 15th century. It was completed in the 18th century and given new functions at the beginning of the 19th century during the installation of the collections. It subsequently held the town’s library, a function now transferred to a new site.
    The renovation of the museum was carried out by GMDP ARCHITECTURE within the framework of the French programme law on museums and concerned all historic buildings located in the town centre on a complex archaeological site.
    The restoration, structural consolidation and restructuring alongside the upgrading of safety and accessibility standards were completed by an extension programme regarding the historical buildings. The work concerned underpinning operations within the shale layer and the creation of a new wing. The most severe constraint was to assure the continuity of the museographical circuit throughout this vast complex of buildings built at different periods with their specific structures and floor levels, while allowing architect Antoine Stinco’s museography to be fully accessible to all visitors.